I have a modular LED display, it can have different resolutions. I create various EDIDs and get a secondary monitor in Windows. For small resolutions (less than 4K), there are no problems. For a resolution, for example 5120x2880, I create a 384 byte EDID, where in the 3rd 128-byte block I write DisplayID 1.3. This only works on some graphics cards.
Tell me what it depends on? And which graphics cards are compatible with the Displayid extension block?

  • Quadro P620 - works DisplayID 1.3 (DisplayID 2.0 - does not work)
  • GeForce 1660Ti - does not work
  • Quadro P4000 - works
  • Quadro M4000 - does not work
  • RTX 2070 - haven’t tried it yet.
    What’s the problem? maybe there is a compatibility list ?