edid invalid

We design custom carrier board,with HDMI interface to drive our LCD.
LCD just show the nvidia log for few seconds, and then nothing appears.
During this period, I keep pin 92 pullup to 1.8V with 4.7k ohm resistor.
After I remove the 4.7k ohm resistor , nothing appears , even the nvidia log.edid invalid printed with no stop on uart.
What’s the link between pin 92(DP0_AUX_P) and HDMI?
B01 nano module

By default, DP0 is used for display port and has nothing to do with HDMI, unless you are trying to put HDMI on DP0.

I know that, HDMI has nothing to do with DP0.
But test result is that.

Do you have anything connected on DP0? Is DP0 in use?

Nothing connected to DP0.
If pin 92(DP0_AUX_P) pull-up to 1.8V , HDMI LCD could show Nvidia logo.
If left pin 92 float , uart will print edid invalid continually.

I think you could disable sor and dc@54240000 in device tree and see what would happen.

This step would disable software configuration of DP driver.