EDID modes are rejected the first time X is launched since upgrade to 525.105.17

Since years I have two screens connected without problems :

  • WOR TERRA 2250W (DVI-I-1) (primary)
  • Idek Iiyama PLE2207WS (DFP-2)

The Iiyama screen is connected through an active DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter.

Since update to drivers 525.105.17, when the Xorg server is launched for the first time after boot, all modes provided by the Iiyama screen are rejected (pasting below only one example from log) :

Since all modes are rejected, this leads to the following error :

Then the screen does not wake up and remains black.
A simple restart of the X server makes all same modes validated :

# /etc/init.d/display-manager restart

And the screen is waking up.

Downgrading to x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-525.89.02 makes the problem go away, but that’s not a

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (322.8 KB)

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Same behavior with drivers version 525.116.03.

Seems to be fixed with drivers version 535.98, at least for now.