Editing CC characters clothes?

I bought a Trench coat, like this:

But the material of the coat was a bit boring. I think Omniverse material librarys Leather works much better:

But when I assign this new material to coal, also the buttons of coat are turned to leather.

How can I solve this?

Can you switch Mode to Prim (T), select the buttons, right-click on a material in the browser and pick “apply to selected”

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Good idea but it does not work with this. Looks like they are one and same object:

Hello @pekka.varis! I reached out to the team at Reallusion for some help here!

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@pekka.varis I think it is a content design issue, this content is one piece.

I suggest you refund/return and buy another cloth content which can assign 2 different material (with subgeom)

no problem, I can live with this :)

But I wonder that since it have orginally yellow buttons, different from the jacket color, then at some point this stucture is lost. Is it the CC export to USD that makes this contenet one piece?

@pekka.varis >Is it the CC export to USD that makes this contenet one piece?

NO, of course not, CC export just as the content as.
CC won’t combine or separate geometry/mesh

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Okay, then I just forget this piece of clothe…

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