Editing materials inside Omniverse after export from 3ds max

I’m trying the connection plugin for 3ds max with omniverse and it’s working really good for sending/exporting USD into omniverse. The only issue so far I’ve come up with is not being able to edit materials inside Omniverse (both create and view version).
I’ve tried all methods available to export those materials but nothing is working to edit them inside Omniverse.
Is there any solution for this kind of issue? Or is this feature not working yet?
CSV is set to max_vray_omnipbr.csv
Both connector and create/view are up to date.


Were these materials in 3dsmax Vray materials? If so, we are chasing a bug to display these properties correctly. You are looking in the correct place.

The csv file you mentioned was not part of the export process. Upon looking at your content export, it looks like a vray to MDL export. In which case the above bug is responsible.

yes, these are V-ray materials. Thank you for investigating this!

Hello, was the bug fixed? Can’t edit vray mtl inside the Create 2022.1

Hello, the editing of vray material parameters is not ready at this time, therefore read only at this time.