Editing xorg.conf DefaultDepth and Depth to 30 makes the mouse buttons stop working

I have a really weird problem when setting my display color depth to 30 bit, first I create a xorg.conf file using nvidia X server settings, save to X configuration file, I restart the computer and everything works including the mouse in the new server settings, after that I edit the xorg.conf file and change DefaultDepth and Depth to 30 and restart (my monitor supports 10 bit per color), then the mouse left and right button stops working in gnome shell. any ideas on how to fix this bug?

I am using an nvidia 1060 6GB on Ubuntu gnome 17.04 amd64 and nvidia drivers 384.69 provided by ubuntu.

X.org.conf file: https://justpaste.it/1agjq

I have the same issue on Fedora 27 with driver 390.25, using a Quadro P4000 card. Mouse wheel and position work, but clicks for some reason do not. Any fixes? I found an old thread on the fedora forums from 2015 with the same exact issue (https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/78819/screen-30-bit-colour-depth/)

Known bug in gnome-shell. See this for possible workaround: