eDP output 3840x2400?

Hi, nice to meet you.

TK-1 In the manual, it is set to 3840x2160(60Hz).

but I proceeded because I needed to drive it with 3840x2400(60hz).

When the pixel clock is 572MHz, it operates, but it is not a normal operation.

ㄴ The flickering phenomenon will come out constantly.

When the pixel clock is less than 490MHz(51Hz), it operates normally.

I checked the normal operation from 3840x2160 (60 Hz) to 600Mhz

There is no problem with speed, but I am curious how the effect of resolution is applied.

I would appreciate it if you let me know.


It looks like the pixel clock is out of the spec of TK1. You can check the detail in TK1 module datasheet.