EDU discount for Jetson AGX Xavier

Here is the link to the request forms (these are now deactivated)


For other countries in Europe, please apply through another EU form or contact Silicon Highway.

Each student is eligible for one single-unit discount. Users who have previously received the TX1 or TX2 discount, are again eligible for Xavier.
If you don’t have .EDU email address, please be sure to include info about your project & organization in the “Briefly tell us about your project” box.
If you are requesting multiple units, have a professor, faculty member, or mentor submit the form with info about the project.

Discount codes for single-unit requests are distributed via email every few days. You can then use the code during checkout here:

First click ‘Enter Promo Code’, the box will then appear to enter the code, and then click ‘Apply’.
You should then see the discount applied to your subtotal in the cart. For questions about sales tax / VAT, see here.

Hello !

I applied with on this Monday and still have not received
any email neither a discount code.

Regards, Vyacheslav

Hi Vyacheslav, if you check your e-mail again, you should have received it now. Thanks!

I got it. Thank you so much.

Hi dusty_nv,

could you please approximately estimate when will the discount be live for Europe? Is it a matter of days / weeks / months?

Hi gheorghe.lisca, the forms for Europe actually went live last night, so you can apply now. Thanks for your patience!

Sounds awesome! We are looking forward ordering it.

Thanks a lot for your fast reply!

I’ve added the links to the European forms at the top of the post. They are available now.

Many, many thanks! It already allows us to place our orders.

Hi Dusty_nv!! How do I receive academic discount for my home schooled student as we don’t have .edu email address. Please let me know the process.


Hi KP, I just sent a discount code for Xavier devkit to your e-mail address, have fun!

Hi Dusty,
I originally applied for my TX2 discount with, but now I cannot send my Xavier discount request because my email doesn’t end in .edu. Would I still be eligible to receive an academic discount?


Hi Paul, that’s ok, I’ve sent you a discount code for Xavier to your e-mail address.

Hi, Dusty!
My lab admin submitted an application for the AGX EDU discount back on Feb 22, but we still haven’t heard back. Any chance you could help us sort out the delay?


Hi oviquezr, what was the EDU e-mail address used to submit the request? Thanks.

The request was placed with

Thanks, I was able to look up the request, and it looks like it was already sent out the week of 2/25, so it must have gotten stuck in spam or lost - sorry about that. I have re-sent the discount code to this e-mail address from the request, so your lab admin should have it now.

Perfect! I just got confirmation from my admin that he received the new code. Thanks!!

Hi, Dusty!
We placed the order for the AGX a few weeks ago with the code you sent us, but we haven’t received any further updates beyond the “Order Received” email with an order number – no confirmation (which I assume would be the one to have the password to check the order status) or shipping info. Could you help us out with this?
Thanks in advance.

Hmm, unfortunately I can’t look up particular orders, you will need to contact the NVIDIA webstore Customer Service or call 1-800-797-6530 for additional support.