EDU discount for Jetson TX2 Developer Kit

Hello everyone, here’s the link to apply for $299 discount pricing for Jetson TX2 for affiliates of educational organizations:

North America…

If your region isn’t in the list above, please visit
Other regions will be handled by the local distributors.

Single-unit requests should use an EDU email address to be approved, which happens in 72 hours.
Each EDU user is eligible for one single-unit discount. Users who have previously received the TX1 discount, are again eligible for TX2.
If you don’t have .EDU email address, please be sure to include info about your project & organization in the “Briefly tell us about your project” box.
If you are requesting multiple units, have a professor, faculty member, or mentor submit the form with info about the project.

Discount codes for single-unit requests are distributed via email every few days. You can then use the code during checkout here:

First click ‘Enter Promo Code’, the box will then appear to enter the code, and then click ‘Apply’.
You should then see the discount applied to your subtotal in the cart. For questions about sales tax / VAT, see here.

For everyone in Europe, you can order and apply for discount here: Embedded Systems Developer Kits & Modules | NVIDIA Jetson

Thank you, I’ve updated the sticky with this information.

Hi dusty_nv I did apply for discount code for jetson tx2 last week but i did not get any code till now. can you please help

Thank you

Go ahead and place the order with your code awhile. We are receiving weekly shipments from the factory, so yours should ship out next week. If next week’s batch also sells out, the status will stay as backorder, however there still will be shipments made to those in the queue.

Which link should students from India use?

Hi Dusty,
I applied for the TX2 discount code last Tuesday and have yet to receive anything back.
Who should I contact?
This was from the UK store

Just inquiring on the timeframe for availability in Australia?

Thank you

Hi, Rashi Peripherals is the distributor in India who should be able to help you out.

Let me get you in touch with our EU EDU coordinator so we can figure it out.

Hi, let me check on it and who the proper distributor is, and I will get back to you.

So Indian students are not eligible for the discount?

There isn’t an automated webform for the discount in India, but if you contact the distributor, they should be able to help you obtain it. If not, let us know and we can contact them for you from our end. Also, the TX2 devkit may not be shipping in India just yet.

Hi Dusty, I applied for the discount last 7 days ago, but haven’t heard anything back. I’m in the US. Can you help? My email address on the application is * (different from the email I’m using here).


Thanks for replying this fast. I visited Rashi Peripherals website they just have Jetson TX1 and not TX2. So what should I do about it? Shall I contact them about it?

Hmm it appears you were approved in the system and the code sent, I will re-send it to you.

Yes, I would get in contact with Rashi about it awhile. Also I passed your info to the NVIDIA person who works with Rashi on our side.

Thank you!

Hi Dusty,

I have applied for educational discount and haven’t heard anything. Not sure if you provide a discount for Udacity student. I’m going through self-driving car nano degree currently.


Hi Dusty

I applied for the student discount more than a week back and am yet to receive any email. Many of my friends at uc berkeley have been observing the same issue. Let us know whats the next step to get the discount.

Hello Dusty,

I applied for the student discount last week but haven’t got any code yet. I am in a US University, and the mail id I used was Could you please check if my application was approved.


Hi, I approved your request, however if it doesn’t arrive shortly, can you re-submit using your EDU address?

Hi AD, I manually re-sent you your code, if your friends are still experiencing an issue, can you have them contact me. Thanks.

Hi Siby, I’ve re-sent your code to your EDU address, thanks.