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I read in the following article that there is education pricing for the Orin Nano. Is that accurate? If so, how would I go about locking in EDU pricing?

Thank you.

The education page is at: Educational Pricing | NVIDIA Developer
Typically people apply for the discount once the product begins shipping.

When I click “Apply for discount” on that page, it simply takes me here:

I don’t see any way to actually apply for an education discount. Are instructions for this posted anywhere?

Thank you

Hi @ecox32, we are in the process of setting up the application forms and everything for the EDU discount with the Jetson distributors - please stay tuned, thanks.

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Any updates on this? How will it work? Like a one time unique coupon code, or will I be able to apply for the discount after ordering?

@christianboysen it will be a one-time coupon code that you redeem when ordering it. We’ve been working with the distributors to have this on their websites and are getting closer to rolling it out, I don’t have a firm date for it yet though.

My high schooler son and his classmate are planning to get Jetson Orin Nanos for summer projects. Are they eligible for EDU discount? Thank you!

@xugzhang yes, they should be (worst-case we can handle their request manually if the application forms don’t accept their non-EDU email address)

This is good news! Will EDU discount work if I order from Gear Store? I noticed Arrow website mentions there is 1 month of lead time.

I don’t believe so, the EDU discount is being setup with our distributors, and it will probably only be active after the channel is filled with units so the lead time is lower (or off backorder)

What will the discount be for an orin nano 8gb dev kit?

I see that Amazon is now listed as one of the distributors. How will they process EDU discounts? Will Nvidia be able to issue single-use promo codes for EDU at Amazon?

The discounted price will be $399 USD with the EDU discount (this price may vary slightly depending on the region and exchange rates / distributor / ect)

I’m not sure if Amazon will be able to process the discount codes - there are other distributors in North America that will be able to do it though.

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Since this is a summer project, my son and his classmate plan to get the Orin Nanos as soon as summer break starts (early June). Do you think EDU discount will most likely be available then?

The final date is still TBD, but we’re getting closer to taking the EDU process live with the distributors, so hope so! Thanks for everyone’s patience as we roll this out - that’s really great they are interested in this for their summer project! 😃

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