EEPROM of Jetson TX2 developer kit

Hi. I’m Mingu.

I have a question about EEPROM of Jetson TX2 developer kit.

What is the role of EEPROM?

Do I need to install and boot Ubuntu in Jetson TX2?

Hi mk.kang,

The eeprom has some information like board info/ ethernet/wifi mac addr.

EEPROM layout document on our download center has the information of it.

Do I need to install and boot Ubuntu in Jetson TX2?
I don’t see any relation between this question and eeprom. All the Jetson device need to use sdkmanager/jetpack to install ubuntu and it has nothing to do with eeprom.

<Do I need to install and boot Ubuntu in Jetson TX2?>
This question is my mistake.

My real question is: Do I need a EEPROM to install and boot Ubuntu?

If you are asking if you have to put a eeprom on your board (a custom carrier board?), then my suggestion is yes.

Without eeprom should also work but some functions may be affected.

As you said, I’m trying to build a custom board using a Jetson TX2 module.

If I do not add an eeprom to my custom board, which functions can be affected?

If it is under expectation, only the mac addr would be affected. All the modules use your custom board would use same ethernet/wifi mac addr.

I understood as follows.
If I do not add an eeprom on my custom board, my custom board will use Wi-Fi and Ethernet as the same mac addr.

If so, can not i use Wi-Fi or Ethernet without eeprom?


Sorry that my previous comment was wrong. Please forget it.

Actually there are two eeprom here. A eeprom is inside the module and has nothing to do with your custom carrier board. Another eeprom is on the carrier board.

No matter what custom board you are using. The first eeprom should always be unchanged since it is on module. That is the one that would influence mac addr.

As for the base board eeprom, it would not affect any of the functionality. If it has, please let us know. That would be a bug or something else.

I understood that there is no problem installing and running Ubuntu without adding an external eeprom to my custom board.

The eeprom inside TX2 module doesn’t need to be configured after the first purchase.

Is that right?

Yes, it is correct.

Thank you. WayneWWW.

Your answer helped me solve my worries.