EFM8SB10F2G replacement MCU


I was thinking of using the EFM8SB10F8G instead of the EFM8SB10F2G. The only difference is that the one I want to use has 8 kB of flash memory instead of 2 kB of flash memory and that it is in stock. I am wondering if this should work and what other variants could work. For example, even though EFM8BB10F2G could be used even though it takes more power. I think this information would be good to know to have more flexibility in this chip shortage.


Nevermind it seems that EFM8SB10F8G is a good option as it says in this previous post: EFM8SB10F2G-QFN20R in Jetson AGX Xavier instead of EFM8SB10F2G-QFN20 - #5 by Trumany

But it would still be good to know if there are any updates on which other MCUs can be used as a direct replacement.

We have no other recommendation than it.

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