EGL and VDPAU missing GL_NV_vdpau_interop on 361.28?


I’ve built a vdpau -> opengl rendering path which worked well on GLX. However, in reworking things for EGL, I can’t seem to find GL_NV_vdpau_interop in the list of OpenGL extensions.

GL_NV_vdpau_interop clearly appears as a GL extension when I look at the list of extensions in nvidia-settings; however, when querying the list of extensions in EGL I cannot find this extension.

More curiously all of the vdpau functions can be resolved to addresses; even though the extension is not listed.

Just to clarify: I’m using full opengl core profile 3.3 under EGL - not OpenGLES.

Is this extension a work in progress, or is there a newer recommended way to get video onto a texture map?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Brett, EGL implementation isn’t complete yet as far as I know.

Perhaps related to: