EGLStreams on 390.xx legacy drivers

I just read the news that EGLStreams patches for kwin have been merged by KDE.

I am excited for the opportunity to finally try Wayland, but I currently have a laptop with a GTX560m. It is not clear to me if the legacy 390.xx drivers for my Fermi card will work with it.
I know EGLStreams was added to the drivers in 364.12, which sort of implies to me that I can use EGLStreams. I am just wondering if EGLStreams is still being updated and maintained for the 390.xx legacy drivers.

Can anyone answer that?



Wayland compositors and Wayland applications should work, at least I don’t know of any recent changes to eglstreams that would break this function on 390 drivers. The downside, though, is that any X applications need Xwayland to run which is currently limited to software rendering on Nvidia and the needed feature for HW accel will only be added in a later driver, so that will never reach the 390 driver.

Thanks for the reply. Too bad about the HW accel for X applications. Maybe it will be backported, but probably won’t.