EGLStreams to GStreamer not working with OpenGL

I’ve got the EGLStream to GStreamer pipeline finally working with OpenGL ES. My test application draws a red triangle with a changing background (glClear). However when I switch the test application to OpenGL there is only a black image. It seems that the EGL Stream producer surface is not working with OpenGL?

I’ve create a small test package which builds a OpenGL ES en OpenGL version of the application for reproduction on a TX1.
EGL-GST-test.tar.gz (468 KB)

Have you checked the post below?

Yes I did. The problem is that the application is working perfectly with OpenGL ES, but once I switch to OpenGL I only get a black image. As you can see in the test package only the calls to load OpenGL into the EGL Context are different.

On Tegra series, we need OpenGLES. May we know why you cannot include OpenGLES in your use case?

We can but it would require an extensive rewrite of our main application (as its written in OpenGL with a lot components either removed from ES or not yet present in ES).

Is it also possible to use this in combination with Vulkan? If so, are there any examples of such a setup.

Hi, we don’t have other examples. Please other users can share experience.