Eigenvalues Easiest way using the Eigenvalue module

Maybe someone has already done this:

I want to use the CUDA Eigenvalues module from C. Lessig, which is included in the examples that download together with CUDA.
I have converted it into a VS 2005 C++ project, and the example gets compiled and linked without any issue. When started, it runs the demo program, decomposing a pre-set matrix, which is given by a vector describing its diagonal, and another one for its two sub-diagonals.
How can I easily transform this package into processing arbitrary input, and writing an output file.

Of course, I could dissect the code, and make a new project out of it.
But as far as I know, this should be a working module which can be used with only tiny modification to process arbitrary input. It is not well documented in the accompanying pdf file.

Thank a lot for any suggestions!

Instead of an answer, i have a question for you :$

how did you generate the matrix from the diagonal vector? and the subdiagonals?