El-cheapo laptop comes with 512 core Maxwell v1 instead of 384 core

I was surprised to see that the extreme value Acer E5-575G-53VG I just got has a 512 core sm_50 Maxwell GPU.

A GeForce 940MX is thought to normally have 384 cores (3 SMMs).

AFAIK, there is no record of a 512 core GeForce 940MX part.

I’ll take it!

My investigation is over here in the GeForce driver forum.

It’s neat to see how core count and clock speed (GPU & MEM) impact performance.

Higher core counts at lower frequency gives you the same net throughput, but very likely it needs less voltage and therefore wattage! Perfect for a laptop. It seems to be a newly designed GM108 v2.0, quietly released in March 2016, replacing the GM108 from March 2014. The other difference is that GM108 v1.0 only supports DDR3, this 2016 spin supports GDDR5.

Right, but two usually trustworthy GPU databases ([1],[2]) list the 940MX as a 384-core part.

I’m totally fine with a laptop having more multiprocessors at a lower clock speed. :-)

nice, but pascal ones will be more efficient with a higher clock ;)