Electro-Static Discharge about Jetson Xavier NX


I have the problem of ESD(electro-static discharge) for USB3.1 device mode of Jetson Xavier NX.
When I test ESD, USB state of kernel level becomes disconnected state.
After few seconds, automatically USB state becomes connected state.
My circuit have suppressors for super-speed lines and USB2.0 lines and CC1/2 lines.

My questions are as below.
Q1:Does Jetson Xavier NX have ESD problem like my problem?
Q2:Could you tell me solutions for my problem?

Best Regards

Like most computers you do need external ESD, e.g., a surge suppressor. However, I have personally seen how many different computers (including multiple desktop PCs) will reboot or have other errors if a large static jolt hits the USB peripheral even on systems which have power delivery surge protectors. I am only guessing, but my thought on those systems in the past is that a second ground directly at the USB connector might stop the issue if the surge is going through the ground/shield of the USB cable, but probably not if something inside the actual peripheral is conducting to the non-ground/non-shield of the cable.

As an experiment you can find out if a static surge to a bare USB cable causes issues, or if the issue is only when a specific device has a static discharge to it. In all test cases having power through a surge protector would be mandatory for the test to be valid, but a surge protector on the power side is itself generally a requirement for anything in regular use.

I do know that the USB power line itself (the +5V) has some protection in it, but it is geared to overcurrent, and not to static surge.

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