Electronically Assisted Astronomy with a Jetson Nano

Happy new year to everyone !


Well… happy new year to … me.

Anyway, to keep the memory of my work :

New test yesterday. This time, the camera gets a new SDK to solve the offset and gain issue.

I used my small free time to solve some issues in my software but as i said some time ago, software is quite ok so now, i need to make some tests.

So new test with the same setup :

For information, the astrometry result of the movie field of view :

I must say astrometry is in my “todo” list for my software.

Good news : i received today a new lens (2nd hand, not expensive). It a Rainbow TV zoom H6X8II 8-48mm F1.0

I made some very first tests (daylight). The lens is promising but the specs are not what they say. At 8mm, F/D is close from 1 but at 48mm, F/D is more likely 1.5 than 1.0

The next video will be made with this lens.


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Tonight, first test of my new lens, the Rainbow Zoom lens H6x8II 8-48mm F1.0
The camera is ZWO ASI485MC
Still using my software JetsonSky with Jetson Xavier NX (enough power to make live treatments).

The new lens is really cool. Comparing to my previous lens (8mm F1.3), this lens is 2-3 times faster, meaning i can speed up exposure time (200 to 500ms instead of 500 to 1000ms).

The video :

The optical quality of the Rainbow lens is quite good. This lens will be useful.

Even if the camera sensor and the lens are good, live treatment is still a must have. Jetson Xavier NX gives enough power to make live treatment.

The video shows there is too much satellites up there. Too bad.