Eliminate Tx2 Reset Button

We have planned to develop a custom carrier board for nVIDIA Tx2 SOM.As per our Design, we need to eliminate some buttons.we have decided to eliminate VOL-D and RST Buttons.
While looking DataSheet, We can able know that Reset button is used for entering into recovery mode. (REC + RST)
Also, we noticed that POWER BTN+REC button combination also takes Tx2 SOM into Recovery mode When it is in power-off state.
My questions are,
1)is it recommended to use powerButton+Recovery Button for entering Tx2 SOM into recovery mode?is it reliable like REC+RST combination?
2)if we eliminate RST button, any problem arise in future?

please give your suggestions on this!

Thanks & Regards
Malik Bathusha

Any power up or power reset while force recovery is held down results in recovery mode. I normally just hold recovery on a unit which is off and tap the power key. This is reliable. Just shutdown and then try it…no harm done since being in recovery mode doesn’t actually change anything unless the driver package is flashing.

In theory you can use software to get to recovery mode via “sudo reboot --force forced-recovery”, but this only works if it is already working…never depend on that, this is unreliable when things go wrong.

Hi, sure, no matter RST+REC or POWER BTN+REC is reliable.