eLinux Wiki updates?

Browsing the heavily outdated TK1 wiki, there are a few things I would like to point out:

The Jetson TK1 is no longer for sale and a buying guide is now obsolete.
Anyone looking to purchase a 3rd party board will find many 404 links.

Suggestions for edits:

  • A TK1 emulator would still be nice but it's not 2015 anymore.
  • All purchasable items which result in 404 links should be redirected and if marked as "(untested)" should be stripped from the Wiki because no one is going to test them.
  • EasyTK1 should be added to the Projects and a link to the eBay store should be provided.
  • A list of current known hardware limitations for the TK1 should be added and a comparison of features between the TK and TX line would also be nice for retrospective purposes.
  • Jetduino has been, unofficially, long dead. The source code and documentation should be salvaged from archives before the information disappears from the internet forever as the domain host has released the URL (The Wordpress site was hacked anyway)
  • The remaining lifecycle of the TK1 requires documentation for future support.
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and L4T R21.7 information should be added.

Hi MrFreeman, thanks for the suggestions for the community wiki. We’ll update it with the info about the TK1 devkit EOL and R21.7. Other items have been added by community contributors, such as the Emulation page, so it is not our own policy to remove them outright, however you are welcome to make changes as well - anyone who has registered an account has edit access.