Elroy Carrier USB doesn't read


I’m using Elroy Carrier with jetson tx2. I flashed jetson with JetPack 3.2.1 with downloaded board support package for Elroy. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uMvXqhjxaQ helped to follow some instruction)

Successfully flashed. I saw screen plugged with hdmi. Also P10 Connector is gets the voltage. I plugged the carrier kit USB 3.0 cable to p10 connector. It is working because I check the voltage between gnd and USB PIN 19 V BUS port is 5V.

But when I plug mouse and keyboard to USB 3.0 cable, it doesn’t see. I suppose the driver doesn’t see mouse but the flash was successful and I downloaded board support packages for your TX2 from connecttech just as video)

Any help plz ?

Also, When I flashing tx2 with carrier board; I used the usb cable(attacted to jetson) to connecting host ps and jetson

What does “dmesg --follow” show from connecting and disconnecting something from the USB port? What does “lsusb -t” show?

I work with Jetson TX2. All installations, settings and firmware were made on the Developer Kit - Model: P2597, where I used ethernet, HDMI, ttl and USB. When I rearranged Jetson from Developer Kit to the Elroy Carrier REV G according to the instructions, the USB stopped working. HDMI and Ethernet are working correctly. One gets the impression that there is no 5V at all on the P10 connector with USB. Trere are L4T r32.4.4, JetPack 4.4.1,

Different carrier boards tend to route wiring differently (many pins are assignable for flexible circuit board layout). The device tree is what tells the operating system where to find those devices (those are not plug-n-play and cannot self-report). Obviously devices which match the default reference board layout will still work, but the rest which fail should simply require the correct device tree (often simply referred to as the firmware). The manufacturer of that carrier board must provide this firmware. You will need to download the flash software from the carrier board manufacturer and flash again.