Elroy carrier with Jetson TX2 is not booting up

Hi All,
I am new to the Jetson world. I am facing issue with booting up Jetson TX2 with Elroy carrier. I am trying to connect the Jetson TX2 board with Elroy carrier as mentioned in the manual: http://www.connecttech.com/pdf/CTIM-ASG002_Manual.pdf.

I cannot see any activity on the mouse/keyboard or HDMI output. There is no input at the com port as well.
I checked the volt at the power pins at the Elroy carrier and it shows 12 V. So I am sure, there is power going on inside the board.

I removed the Jetson TX2 board and connect it to the Jetson development board and I can see the Ubuntu OS in it, so its working fine there.

Can you please help me to figure out what exactly, I am missing with the Elroy Carrier board to make it work?

Thanks in advance.


That document says it works with the unmodified L4T, though fan would be enabled with custom BSP. Have you flashed to a newer L4T version yet?

One thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t uncommon (especially on earlier L4T releases) for the system to be up and running even though video fails. Lack of video is not the same as not booting. It would be good if you could look at your router logs and see if a DHCP request was seen…and if you can ping that address. I don’t know if the Elroy carrier has an ability to use serial console or not, but this would be the normal method of access when things go bad (serial character interfaces work even if networking and video and many other parts of the system have failed).

Thanks for the response.
It was not problem with the installation/flashing, but I found the problem was with the power and other connection cables.
After replacing the cables and fitting them in right order, it worked fine. Thanks.