EM28XX Driver Problem Nvidia JETSON TX2 Cannot get videocapture


I have a thermal camera which used easycap module at the backward. The easycap module gives output USB 2.0. The device is showing in “lsusb” “Empia Technology INC” which uses em28xx driver. I can not find any way to install “em28xx” driver to Nvidia Jetson TX2 and get video from this camera . Can someone help me ?

We don’t have experience about using the device. Did some search and found the configs:


r32 releases are based on Kernel 4.9. The configs are not listed in tegra_defconfig but if K4.9 supports it, you may enabled the two for a try.

Thanks for your response. How can i enable this configurations ? I can not find the tegra_defconfig but i know K4.9 supports the driver.

For download kernel source code and build kernel image, please refer to
NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Kernel Customization | NVIDIA Docs

tegra_defconfig is at

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