Email notifications?

Can I turn on email notifications for selected forums or threads?

Not yet. We are working on adding that feature. Thanks for asking (we want it too! :) )

I’ve seen you’ve added a “subscribe” button to threads (or was I just blind?), however when I open the RSS URL with no cookies, I get 500 status code. My RSS reader doesn’t share cookies with my browser, and the feed URL already contains a token, so is this a bug?

There’s big green “RSS FEED” button on the sub-forum main page, on the top. I didn’t find it on the first attempt, eventhough it’s quite visible :)

For me the button offers “https” URL but I had to change it to “http” for it to work with Google Reader.

EDIT: Now I noticed the “Subscribe” button as well and that seems to need the cookies so it doesn’t work with Google Reader.

EDIT2: The personal feed URL is available also in the My Account → Settings and the URL there has “/” at the end. That URL works with Google Reader in the “http” form!

Thanks, this approach works quite conveniently for me!

Thank you. That URL works for me in Google Reader, but only with http, although it redirects to https in my browser.
However Thunderbird says it was “not a valid feed” (it may have a stricter XML parser); when I open it in Chrome:

error on line 54 at column 6: Encoding error

It’s this thread's fault: (sorry for using pastebin, but this forum software has problems with putting a code tag in a code tag)

I would like to subscribe to email notifications as well.