Embedded availability

Today October 30, 2022 I visited your embedded purchase site to check on the availability of your latest offerings. Nvidia is doing itself a great disservice by suggesting that there is any stock anywhere, that would be anywhere in the universe!. Checking at your major disti “Arrow” reports that the forecast for the Jetson Xavier is 99 weeks.

I would very much like to be excited about the upcoming Orin processors but if Nvidia is going to be deceptive regarding when I will really be able to enjoy a faster processor then I might as well not bother.

By not accurately reporting the true abysmal situation Nvidia is disrespecting their customers and are consequently not entitled to the same respect that it has worked so hard to achieve.

Your customers deserve an honest accounting of when components will be available in sustainable volumes and an end to the current practice of growing mushrooms, that is keeping them in the dark and feeding them BS.

We are having challenges with various components and are working continuously to address the issue.

For Orin devkit, you can get it via Amazon.com: NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit : Electronics, I just check, and still some in stock.


Thanks for your reply. What is the forecast for the Orin to be released early next year? I believe it has the same form factor as the Jetson Xavier. I fully understand the difficulty of designing with the present supply chain.



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