Embedded Cuda? CUDA-enabled PMC or SBC?

Is anyone aware of PMC graphics cards or single-board computers that are CUDA-capable?
Most PMC graphics cards I have found use ATI chips. I’ve found one that claims to use an NVIDIA G73M, and another that lists an NV17GLM, but NVIDIA doesn’t provide any information on those part numbers.

CUDA is only supported on G8x GPUs and later (not G73 and certainly not NV17). As previously discussed here there are some board vendors who have PCI boards based on G8x that might be suitable for embedded systems.

You might also want to look at our Ion platform, which includes an integrated GeForce 9400 which can run CUDA:

Thanks. It’s kind of hard to search for PCI or PMC on this forum when the search doesn’t allow 3-letter search terms.

google is your friend :)

Use “site:http://forums.nvidia.com ” in google to get more appropriate results. Thanks 2 Alex for this tiip

How does one order the prototype platform? I was unable to see it listed in the NVIDIA online store.

I believe the prototype platform was mainly just for demonstration purposes. I expect we’ll see systems shipping from the usual manufacturers very soon now.

I think this is true too, which upsets me–I really want one of these to stick under my TV :(