Embedded Cuda

I’m not sure which form to post this question.

I have a project which might requrie an embedded Cuda system.

Has any one work on an embedded system using Cuda ?

Sure, super common. All Mac laptops have embedded CUDA 9400m GPUs, for example.

Only on standard PC mainboards with x86 compatible CPUs, I presume. The minimum requirement would be an nVidia Ion platform + Atom CPU. There are tiny Mini ITX mainboards with these specs available. Does this sound “embedded” enough? ;) Likely you can deploy a CUDA app on a Windows XP Embedded operating system if you manage to integrate the CUDA enabled nVidia drivers into the boot image. Or you can just run one of the consumer Windows versions - or Linux even.

Industry form factor PCs with a higher end nVidia GPU probably won’t really count as “embedded” any more. But these seem to be the only way to scale into the Teraflops range.


These are Acer’s version of nice little Atom/Ion boxes, about $250.

I saw Nvidia’s reference design in person at SIGGRAPH… Its, surprisingly tiny, pretty much a paperback book size, so about 1/2 the size of a Mac mini. The backplate for all the outputs (like 6!! USB ports) seems to dominate the size of the box!

I regularly work with Ion systems (with Intel Atom CPUs), it’s a pretty powerful little beast - more powerful than a dual core atom itself, though not drastically.

Though Ion doesn’t really count as an ‘embedded system’, I know the newer Tegra’s support CUDA, though I’m yet to have any experience with them (and they’d be roughly half the power of an Ion - if that).

Tegra 600/APX doesn’t support CUDA.

No, they don’t…