Embedded display panel for the TX2


I’m looking for a touch screen display panel for Jetson TX2. Could anyone please recommend me a touch panel that could support TX2?

I am thinking about these touch display panels but I’m not sure whether they would be supported by TX2 or not.


Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


There is no touch panel supported officially. Will let other users to share their experience.

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Thanks for feedback. Ok if no touch support, is there any support to only display panel without touchscreen. Just want to connect tx2 with a embedded IPS display panel of 7 inches
for display only withh the resolution of 800 by 400…?

What kind of interface do you prefer? Tx2 has DP/eDP, HDMI and DSI supported.

I would suggest to use eDP.

I am thinking to use HDMI because I have easy access to panels with HDMI interface. Above mentioned links of display panels have HDMI port for display and USB port for touch.

The detail of whether a mode is supported or not depends on the parameters of each mode. The display mode is not just defined by h*v (800x400). Thus, I cannot give you a concrete “yes or no” answer.

You can try HDMI with such mode. If any error happens, we will check at that time.

This panel works for me.

Amazon.com: ELECROW Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor 5 inch HDMI Screen Display 800x480 Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 3B+ 3B 2B BB Black Banana Pi Windows 10 8 7: Computers & Accessories

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