Embedded + real time Xavier application requires embedded DB

I’m developing a real-time application which performs real time image processing and requires access to large amounts of data. For that need I would like to use a non-relational database that can be installed and run on Xavier, parallel to my application but with minimal effect (memory usage, etc…).
I started examine mongoDB and unQLite (open source is best) but would be happy to learn from others experience…

Hi arieh,

Welcome to Jetson & Embedded Platforms forum, I don’t have experience on the database to share, but you may find some interesting projects from below list to see if can gain some ideas: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/c/agx-autonomous-machines/jetson-embedded-systems/jetson-projects/78

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I cannot answer, but whichever db you use, performance should be much better if it is on its own disk and not sharing eMMC.

“its own disk” means mmcblk0p1? so if I understand you correctly, you are recommending to add an external SSD card and config the db to use it instead of the eMMC?

This is correct. The eMMC is not particularly fast, and accessing an external SSD would likely give much improved performance.

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Yes, as @linuxdev says, the storage will affect your performance, and your data size affects as well.
But since you didn’t consider to use external SSD, I would assume not so much data you will use.

Maybe you can try sqlite or TDengine?
If you need a time series database, we would suggest TDengine, it’s very efficient, can be a choice for embedded device.
If not, sqlite should be the most widely used embedded database.

I need to store vast amount of data… eventually.
Also I’m interested in no-SQL DB… (maybe UnQlite?)