Emblemend ChromeBooks HP, ACER, With NVIDIA-TK1 Bad reputation in ChomeOS

People of comunity take i look in this. I need support from Nvidia in this support the cause


   GooglePlay Feature avoid from ChomeOS Build in Nvidia Products

Bug In ChromeOS Nvidia emblemedn put in last place


 Products  With Nvida-TK1 EmBlemend give Trouble in Schools (HP) Case



 Emblemend less PowerHouse receive Updates , Nvidia Products put in situation to looks bad 


Perfeito , Alexander

Just some info…

This particular forum deals only with the embedded systems running “Linux for Tegra” (basically Ubuntu). ChromeOS and Android are probably dealt with somewhere else.

I did see some behavior posted about in the other URL regarding black screen. I am guessing that whoever supplies the “chrome://chrome” update has no knowledge of this hardware and is incorrectly updating with an incompatible video driver. I have yet to see an arm64/aarch64 automated distribution upgrade which actually knows to use the NVIDIA driver which works. Find out who provides updates which occur from the “chrome://chrome” and perhaps ask them to look into using the correct NVIDIA video driver for this hardware (this would not be something NVIDIA controls).

I Know . I use this space to Nvidia and people feel at same treat not fair.
This emblemend it about product HW NVidia TEGRA_TK-1 GPU GK20A Keppler BUT ChromeOS Treat like Trash equipament not give updates for this Product Name HW (HP/ACER/Nvidia) machines
Help You to spread this kind thing unexplicable

Thanks !!!

Perfeito, Alexander

It is probably Google who would need to change the o/s upgrade process.

You Right, so if you know or have contact with people connected to Nvidia partnership with HP, ACER with Chrome OS shipped equip. TEGRA-TK1 SOC this time the alert them
Its Not FAir At All

All History to reach justice below in dev.


Pefeito, Alexander