EMC RF Testing for Certification Intel AX210.NGWG

We are using a Jetson Xavier NX 8GB board with an Intel AX210.NGWG and need to access Intel’s Diagnostic and Regulatory Test Utility (DRTU) for conducting emissions testing in an RF chamber for certification in our device. Intel mentioned that they do not provide this directly and to work with the board manufacturer and Linux provider. Is there anything in the BSP that would enable us to enter a test mode for Intel’s Wi-Fi card or any way that Nvidia can work with Intel to integrate this diagnostic into the Linux BSP? Thanks so much in advance for any help you can offer.

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We don’t have such tool. We didn’t buy any AX210 from Intel so no such thing in our side either.

Thank you so much! We were able to resolve this issue by contacting our distributor of the Intel Wi-Fi module and combined with a corporate NDA, the distributor was able to share a detailed set of directions for utilizing the DRTU.

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