Emergency - Jetson Xavier not booting up


Everything was working fine with jetpack 4.1.1
Mostly because of memory exhaust, xavier isn’t booting up.
Can anybody help? Its really urgent.

Thank you

Could you try to reflash the device?

may be there is a space issue?
could you ssh to the device over the network?
However, re-flash should work, in my opinion.

If ssh works, what do you see if you run this on the host:

ssh nvidia@whateverIPaddress 'df -H'

The issue was full memory.
I entered in recovery mode and cleaned the space.
Thank you for replys.

Is it possible to clean space from Xavier through the host machine? while Xavier is On or at recovery mode? I have the same issue of the space.

You can erase by flashing the o/s again. If instead you are asking if files can be removed without wiping the o/s because the system is too full to log in, then the short answer is “no”, but the long answer is that there may be ways if you have time.