Emitters from Iclone to Machinima don't show up

Couldn’t find any good tutorial explaining to process of exporting particle effects from Iclone for use in Machinima. Every export I try just doesn’t show up when I drag it into the Machinima Scene. Any Ideas?

Hi @towlie2110! I am asking the development team for more help. I will post back here as soon as I have more information!

Thanks! I noticed many things don’t show up correctly in Machinima after exporting USD from Iclone.

Hair Physics don’t exist anymore. I’m curious if there is a setting I’m missing or if this is just the current limitation of Machinima

now they released those curves and hair! I wonder do they support the latest CC characters. Anywayas I know that dynamics of the PhysX hair are not supported right now.

Again, why did I just pay thousands of dollars for a program suite that can’t even do what the FREE software can?

I’m so disappointed it’s unreal. And there’s no hope from the refund department. Feels like the entire thing is a glorified pump and dump

I feel your pain, currently we are all limited to short haired characters and tight clothes.
But I am 100% sure they will support one day both hair and clothe dynamics from reallusion products to Omniverse.