I have a problem with the Jetson Xavier NX inside the device ADLINK DLAP-301-JNX, this device mounts an eMMC 16 Gb so there is no MicroSD.
I turned on the board and it mounted the version of JetPack 4.4 I’ve fleshed it to version 4.4.1 with NVIDIA SDK Manager.

After, I connected an SSD to increase the storage space but after putting the partition and mounting, when I reboot, the board does not start and remains with the black screen.

If I turn off, remove the SSD, and turn on the board it boots normally and after if I reconnect the SSD is recognized normally.
Basicaly if I turn on the board with SSD pluged in the board does start.
I made a test with same machine ADLINK DLAP-301-JNX, maintaining version 4.4 of jetpack and starting with SSD connected does not give this problem.
It seems to me that with the SSD plugged, the OS is not started from eMMC.
I feel this issue happen only because I flashed the board.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Sorry for the late response.

Have you contact with ADLINK for the support?
There might be the custom BSP to fix this issue.


I contacted them but they linked me procedures and guides taken here on the forum or from the site.

I solved momentarily by installing the original version of jetpack 4.4 and it doesn’t give problems on boot even if I have SSD mounted (it doesn’t stay black screen).

Maybe it’s a problem with version 4.4.1 on this device?

Thanks anyway for the reply.

I am not sure what did you do on your ssd, could you share your steps/commands?

Also, if Adlink board is able to dump the uart log, please try to dump it. Generally, black screen means the boot process stuck somewhere.

Below page has an example for dump uart log from NX devkit.