EMMC Question

I have a two related questions about the TK1 and the Jetson Nano Dev kit.

Not expecting support helping with, not worried about warranty voiding, looking for some insight on this.

For TK1, is it possible (assuming a qualified engineer performs) to replace the emmc chip with another emmc chip. I know an engineer can obviously do it, I’m wondering if the TK1 could still function with another chip and get flashed? IE, is the emmc chip locked to the board somehow, through the fusing processes (which I’m still learning about) or some other method?

For the Jetson nano dev kit, there is an emmc “connector/pins” exposed on the cpu board itself. Is it possible to install an emmc there and the board would recognize it.

Again, just looking from some insight on this, not any steps for configuring, just if it is possible. Thanks for your attention

Thank you

There will be some qulification/validation procedures for new eMMC chip, the problem here is there is no SW/driver to support that new mounted eMMC chip, no matter TK1 or Jetson Nano.

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