Empty Desktop After flashing TX1


I just flashed TX1 board successfully, but the gui doesnt start normally =, I used startx command to run the gui but it come up with an empty desktop (mouse is not the usual pointer it’s shape is also Ubunto bars are not there). I can run terminal using right click command, also I can run NVidia sample.

Any ideas or debugging procedure.

When X runs without a desktop manager/window manager it typically is just an ugly plain background with the default ‘X’ pointer…it sounds like X is running but nothing else loaded. Perhaps it is a permissions issue. One cause would be if sample rootfs unpack was not done with sudo; another is if the underlying file system does not understand Linux files, e.g., using a VM running on NTFS file system; another would be if the flash itself were not sudo (populating the image requires root permissions to do so while preserving root-owned files).

so what should I do, I installed the systems on TX1 using the wizard on host machine, just follwed the instructions. so i didnt change any permission there

I also have this error “Failed to start Light Display Manager”

when checking the status for lightdm.service

Lack of display manager startup matches the plain background with the basic “X” mouse pointer. I’d re-flash. Perhaps you did not have enough hard drive space or the underlying space was not ext4? Use “df -H -T .” while in the driver package directory to see what it says.