Empty Xforms are not exported in glTF file

Empty nodes can still contain relevant information, so an option to export empty xforms for glTF would be preferred. There’s already an option to turn export on/off for visible objects but it doesn’t affect the outcome of xforms.

Additionally, it looks like the glTF exporter tries to be smart and merges xforms and their children together in pretty unpredicable ways; e.g.
a : Xform > b : Mesh
ends up as
a : Mesh
in the glTF file. Expected would be that the hierarchy stays as designed.

i can ask about this. What information would you be using in an empty Xform ?

Empty XForms still can have

  • information relevant to other software (e.g. software searches for a specific name)
  • prim data that should be exported and kept (we’re doing that custom right now since there’s no glTF export callbacks but nonetheless the empty object should stay)
  • animation data.

I think an exporter should not by default try to be “smart” and start changing the hierarchy.