Emulate built Shield TV image

I built the Shield TV image from source, how do I run it in the android emulator?

What kind of image did you get? You may run a custom Android iso in VirtualBox

But as I can read on the nvidia instructions, the command “mp dev” seems to build multiple .img files. And I assume that it’s not possible to run a system with multiple .img files on any virtualization system/emulator (such as VirtualBox, VMWare player etc…).

I don’t know what the command “mp” does exactly and if it’s a specific nvidia command. I think you could have more information only running “mp” on your shell.
And if you just take a look at the official android build documentation or other similar documentation, it seems that you can build an ISO instead of having multiple .img files using the “make” command with the appropriate options

One question. Did you get any troubles fetching the source from git ?

‘mp’ is a shell function. do:

$ type mp
mp is a function
mp () 
    m -j$NUMCPUS -l$NUMCPUS $*

and ‘type m’, etc. It runs make eventually.

VirtualBox does not support ARM and there is no iso_img build target. The Tegra is an ARM cpu, and probably an unusual one at that since it has the GPU as well. I don’t think there is an emulator for it. It turns out the android emulator (based on qemu I think) doesn’t include a usb device controller so it looks like I just have to flash the shield. This raises another question: the built image thinks it is a phone, it’s not at all like the stock one. What’s up with that?

I did not have trouble fetching.