Emulate power numbers for Orin Nano 4G and 8G boards using Orin dev kit

I have an Orin AGX dev. Kit.
We are evaluating using Orin Nano 4G for our product.
As part of that want to measure the power consumption estimate for Orin Nano 4G using the emulator in various operation modes.


  • Is the powerGUI app the best way to get power estimates?
  • If so does it support emulating readings for Orin Nano series?


It’s not available at this moment, we will have more documents to share in coming future.

So the powergui will not work for nano?

Emulation of Orin NX and Orin Nano on the AGX Orin Developer Kit is optimized for Performance Emulation because the entire Orin family share the same SoC architecture.

For power there are some differences in the Orin Nano module architecture compared to AGX Orin, so for power analysis we will have future updates to the Jetson Power Estimator online tool to estimate the power of Orin NX and Orin Nano. The Orin NX Thermal Design Guide also provides some details of the breakdown of the module power. Orin Nano will be similar to Orin NX because it is pin and form factor compatible, and shares the same module architecture.

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