Emulation Debug mode With Open CL

Could we run an emulation debug mode like with CUDA in OpenCL ?

I isntalled OpenCL this morning and, although CUDA and OpenCL can be installed on the same machine without any apparent issues, the Visual Studio OpenCL examples in the SDK do not appear to work in Emulation Debug mode (there are only two options in Visual Studio: Debug and Release). I tried to run in Debug mode with a system that does not have a CUDA capable Video Card and it would not work. If I remember correctly, the number of Devices returned was a large negative number and the code basically crashed (using the Device Query project). Take away–if you do not have a capable GPU, you will not be able to run OpenCL projects (in this release, anyway) in EmuDebug mode.

No, OpenCL does not include an emulation mode like CUDA.

If you can, I would recommend writing your OpenCL kernels in such a way that you can also compile them as C++ code, and use this for debugging.