Enable basic USB-C Power delivery (5V) for device without USB-PD

Is there a way to force either of the USB-C ports to output 5V, exactly the same as the USB-Type A port does?

I have a serial radio which I would like to power from the last free port on the Xavier (which is either of the USB-Type C ports). The radio has a simple 5.5mmx2.1mm 5V DC barrel jack connector to power it, so I have bought a USB-C to Barrel Jack cable. However, when I measure the voltage on the Barrel jack it’s outputting around 1V, and after a bit of research on USB-Type C ports, I have found they have separate lines for determining the power output. When I plug that cable into a USB-A port (via an adaptor), I immediately measure 5V.

Since the barrel jack is just providing power and there are no communication lines, I assume the USB controller is saving power and not outputting anything. Is there a way I can make it act like a USB-A port, which always outputs that minimum voltage?


Just want to confirm, are you using Xavier development kit?

If this is Xavier devkit, please check if you measure the wrong pin… because we just check and V+ is giving out 5V.