Enable dynamic AI for kiosks

Hi guys,

I am looking to develop dynamic AI interaction for kiosks and enable voice ordering for mobile apps and add characters to that.

I am looking for developers to develop that for me

Hi @saif.goura

Thanks for your interest in Riva

We can help regarding riva in this forum

Riva Offers

  1. Speech Recognition
  2. Speech Synthesis
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Translation

you can let me know the areas of interest from above

We also have Audio2face which I guess may be helpful for your above use case (reference)
we have a forum too for it

Let us know more brief details on your roadmap



Thank you for getting back to me.

Well now I am working on AI phone ordering call center for restaurants in Arabic and English so the AI will answer the call and take the order place the order and send it to the restaurants POS.

Now what I also want to build and what’s on my road map is a big project but first

  1. Enable voice ordering for multi restaurants food ordering apps and any app that would want to enable voice ordering ( for example imagine Uber eats app and we add the voice ordering app and customer can open the app and place orders and talk to the bot via the voice ordering.

  2. The exact same as number one but we want to add characters and make it dynamic ordering for example for Ubereats we do a character 3d or cartoon to customize it for Ubereats then customer can open the app and interact live with the character and place order and make it conversional

  3. Enable dynamic live ordering for kiosks for restaurants and drive thru

  4. Call center for banks and hotels

And much more

Hi @saif.goura

I pitched your points with the internal team

They are interested to know about your company and aspirations
Can you share if possible details about your company