Enable i2c on Jetson NX dev kit 40 pin header

I am trying to enable one or more of the I2C devices on the Jetson Xavier NX 40 pin header. I’ve been trying to do it using the jetson-io.py tool, but It is not obvious (to me at least) where to set the I2C configuration for the 40 pin header.

Also, I was expecting to have more than one I2C device available on the Dev kit. When I use the i2cdetect tool, it gives me bus/addr info only for i2c-0.

Is there a DTS file available that has the I2C configured on the 40 pin header?

Thank you.
Mike Polia

The I2C pin was default enable as I2C function pins, don’t need configure by jetson-io.
Which pin do you connect to? The PIN 3/5 was i2c bus 8 PIN 27/28 was bus 1

I do not see any configuration in the DTB files that assign any of the pins of the 40 Pin header to any I2C functionality.

I would expect to see binding of the 40 pin header to I2C devices similar to the HDR40 binding for the SPI pins.

The decompiled DTS files are attached.

kernel_tegra194-p3668-0000-p3509-0000.dts (390.3 KB)
kernel_tegra194-p3668-0000-p3509-0000-user-custom.dts (392.5 KB)

Here is the device tree generated by the running system.
devicetreebase.dts (395.6 KB)

Shouldn’t I see something like this for I2C?

		hdr40-pin19 {
			nvidia,tristate = <0x00>;
			nvidia,function = "spi1";
			nvidia,pull = <0x01>;
			nvidia,enable-input = <0x01>;
			nvidia,pins = "spi1_mosi_pz5";
			nvidia,lpdr = <0x00>;

Like below.

				hdr40-pin3 {
27 					nvidia,pins = "dp_aux_ch3_n";
28 					nvidia,pin-label = "i2c9";
29 				};
30 				hdr40-pin5 {
31 					nvidia,pins = "dp_aux_ch3_p";
32 					nvidia,pin-label = "i2c9";
33 				};

				hdr40-pin27 {
171 					nvidia,pins = "gen2_i2c_sda_pdd0";
172 				};
173 				hdr40-pin28 {
174 					nvidia,pins = "gen2_i2c_scl_pcc7";
175 				};

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