Enable PPS on Jetson AGX Xavier

Hi everyone,
I have read lots of topics about PPS for the Xavier but I couldn’t figure out how to enable it on Xavier.
I would like to enable it with my GPS serial input and activate the NTP configuration.

I got a Jetpack already installed by the supplier and I have SDK MAnager on my laptop ready for reinstall. I also make a backup.

What should I do ?


It depends.
There are few instructions across the forum pertaiining PPS enablement. Basically there will be hardware part also software part for such implementation. Once wiring is figured, also gpio updates are made it will be possible to read from assigned PPS pin e.g. with ppstest.
Which gps unit are you using?
ref: Enabling PPS on Xavier AGX

Hi @Andrey1984,
Indeed I have seen your topics across the forum but I couldn’t pinpoint a clear instruction.
I’m using a piksi multi that generate a pps and output serial GPS nmea.
I also notice that the gpio are hidden behind the bottom plate of the agx dev kit. I will have to 3dprint a new plate :(

I did not work with such unit, but as it has ethernet maybe it also could be used somehow?
ref: https://www.swiftnav.com/resource-uploads/Piksi%20Multi/v2.2/Specification/Piksi%20Multi%20HW%20Specification%20v2.2%20[000-534-02-02].pdf

From a software perspective, the ethernet interface
provides configurable TCP/IP and UDP streams of Swift
Binary Protocol (SBP), RTCMv3, or NMEA data, an ntrip
client, and a connectivity indicator light. The IP interface is
configured as follows by default, but the interface can
support application specific user configuration including
DHCP through the device settings:
 Static IP:
 Network Mask:
 Gateway Address:
 DNS Nameservers:,
 TCP Port (default protocol is SBP): 55555

However, it seems that you could just wire the PPS output to Jetson PPS input
also wire UART of the unit to the same of the Jetson
given that it will be the same scenario as with ardusimple uniit

I will use the UART output of the piksi and the PPS signal.
The piksi is already configured for just the GPZDA frame.
The ethernet port is used instead of the serial port (more convenient)
What scenario are you talking about ? I don’t think I read it.

Btw it’s on the evaluation board, not directly the gps module