Enable ROS Brdige via Pyhton script

Hi Everyone,
My demo is setup to use a python script to load my environment robot etc. Within that script I would also like to enable the ros-bridge automatically.
Is it possible to load the ros-bridge extension via the script?

I tried things like this: from omni.isaac.ros_bridge import RosBridge but this runs dependency errors…

Hi @elias.treis - Yes, it is possible to load the ros-bridge extension via a script in Isaac Sim. You can use the set_extension_enabled_immediate method of the extension manager to enable the ros-bridge extension.

Here’s an example:

import omni

# Get the extension manager
ext_manager = omni.kit.app.get_app().get_extension_manager()

# Enable the ros-bridge extension
ext_manager.set_extension_enabled_immediate("omni.isaac.ros_bridge", True)

This script will enable the ros-bridge extension immediately. Please note that the extension must be installed and available in your Isaac Sim installation for this to work.

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