Enable switch errors

The unknown-switch error has been an issue for our site for a while as it affects some of our core user software. The suggested solution of setting NOSWITCHERROR=1 in the siterc file has worked well up until recently. I have noticed that some new software relies on those switch errors in their configure scripts, most notably openmpi/4.1.0, which fails to build when switch errors are disabled.

For the majority of our cases, NOSWITCHERROR=1 is beneficial and so I would like to keep it active, but we need a way to enable errors for select cases like the above. Is there any command-line flag to active errors (e.g., a -switcherror counterpart to -noswitcherror)?

Hi vanderwb,

No, we don’t currently have a command line flag that would counter setting NOSWITCHERROR=1 in the siterc. For now, you’d need to remove NOSWITCHERROR=1 from the siterc and then have users that need it, add “-noswitcherror” to their compilation.

Though, I added an RFE (TPR #29717) to see what we can do.


Hi Mat,

Thank you as always for the quick and informative reply. We will figure out an ad-hoc solution for now, but it would be great if the RFE progresses forward.