"Enable Tablet XR" cause my objects to disappear

I am trying out Omniverse XR Remote on an iPad. I set up Create app and the iPad based on the setup instructions. I create a simple scene with a cylinder (also tried by just loading the sample astronaut). When I click on the “Enable Tablet AR” checkbox in the Tablet XR properties, the viewport changes to tablet dimensions but it’s just a solid dark gray color. I can connect from the iPad and I see the grids but nothing displays on the iPad. Not sure what I may be missing. Any thoughts??

Hi @user100552! Sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing your scene. I reached out to the development team for help. I will post back when I have more information.

For anyone else seeking help with iOS AR here are the links to the documentation:

It sounds like things are probably working, but with the current version of Create, it can be a little tough to know what’s happening. When “Enable Tablet AR” is checked, the desktop window changes to the camera view of the tablet device, which can default to (0, 0, 0), depending on the scene. My guess is that you are viewing the scene from “inside” the cylinder when streaming, so it just looks like a gray screen.

On the Omniverse XR Remote app, if you are connecting without the “AR” mode, you can use the directional pad to zoom out in the scene, or just walk away a bit from where you start streaming. You can also create a Camera object from inside of Create and place it at the root of your Stage, which will then be the initial camera angle for your scene from the tablet.

We are working to make this a bit clearer in future versions of Create.