Enable tristate for pin UART1_TXD

Hi NVIDIA team,

This topic is in continuation with the one posted here.

We measured if the pin UART1_TXD is in tristate by isolating all the connections from the NX SOM. We are measuring with the help of voltage divider like circuit mentioned below.

We have used 47K pull up (connected to 1.8V) and 47K pull down resistor (connected to GND). We will connect the mentioned pin in the mid (voltage divider point) of the resistors and would measure its voltage. So if the pin is in tristate, the voltage value should be only 0.9V.

Please help us on next steps to properly set pin in tristate.

Hi, there is a buffer (output only) on this pin as you can see in Design Guide, so it can only be used as output. The pinmux sheet will be corrected.

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