Enabling/ disabling usb-A port by software trigger

AGX supports code below

cd /sys/class/regulator/regulator.13

echo disabled > state

What is the equivalent for Orin devkit, if any?

There is embedded hub in Orin developer kit. Please try this method:
Power down USB ports - #4 by vsaw

Hi @DaneLLL
Unfortunately, It won’t work.
Is there any solution that works with Orin devkit?

I am testing by looking on mouse LED. The mouse is connected to usb-A.
It seems it kind of worked 1 time which might be false positive, but on further triggering attempts powering off results in the LED just getting off for 2 seconds then it radiates again so powering off after first probably successful attempt seems has become unsustainable or rather not working for further attempts;
Could you confirm you got sustainable results at your end with uhubctl?

Is it possible to disable the entire usb hub by system trigger as with AGX?